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Orange-Carbon: Small Sleeve


Orange-Carbon: Small Sleeve

R16.00 ZAR
Sold per meter, longer length's e.g. 5 x 1m would be supplied in one 5m length ect ect. 
  • A totally different visual appeal than anything else before - and that means something! Orange-Carbon cable sleeving is made for ultra-high-end cable designs. The extremely unusual and unique color effect of Orange-Carbon is the key to instantly make people understand that they have something of highest class in front of theirs. This special carbon color is a new world in terms of visual appeal. The orange part of this composite design is highly UV-reactive as well!

No compromise - What MDPC stands for since 2007

Yes, this is the legendary MDPC-X Sleeve! It’s the original sleeve, which started, continued and brought the sleeving-art to where it is today. From 2007 until now, this cable-sleeve demonstrates what the famous MDPC-X saying „no-compromise“ stands for: A product, which can not be exceeded for the purpose it is designed for. It's coming in colors of extraordinary variety and beauty. A class of its own – globally known.

Sleeving techniques - Absolutely no limitations

Shrinkless and with-shrink techniques were both originally invented and brought to perfection with MDPC-X by enthusiasts all over the world – including many more methods. Just browse the internet and you will find an almost unlimited amount of inspiring methods and applications.

  • MDPC-X can be used shrinkless (i.e. you put heatshrink over the transition of sleeve-end to wire or crimp-terminal, then melt the sleeving underneath the heatshrink by applying more than 250°C to the covered section and finally remove the heatshrink again. By this, the sleeve is melted onto the insulation of the wire or crimp-terminal).
  • MDPC-X can be used the typica