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Beyond Customs/MDPC-X

Custom Modular Cables - Thermaltake®

R85.00 ZAR


This is a custom hand made product so please give 7 to 10 working days to produce. Thank you.

Supported models series  - Toughpower Grand RGB I Toughpower DPS G RGB Gold I Toughpower SFX 

Each Custom Cable is made up of the following materials

  • MDPC-X Sleeve 
  • Molex Branded Terminals 
  • 16 AWG / 18 AWG Wire or MDPC-X 15 AWG / 17 AWG Hook Up Wire **Note** 16 AWG is used for ATX/EPS/PCI Power Cables and 18 AWG is used for Molex "4 Pin Power" / SATA Power - If the choice is to go with MDPC-X Hook Up Cable then 15 AWG will be used for ATX/EPS/PCI Power cables and 17 AWG will be used for Molex "4 Pin Power" / SATA Power 
  • ATX/EPS/PCI / Peripheral Connectors 
  • 2 x Cable Combs 


If you would like any extra BC Cable Combs fitted then please add to your cart and add to notes on your order and will gladly fit them. 

All custom modular cables can be made to your color and design combination, this is what makes them unique to you.

Color Sleeving Options:  here.

Pattern Style: Please use the Sleeving Color Prototyper found here

Please type in the colors and paste the direct link from the Sleeving Color Prototyper in the "Fields above marked as Type Colors Here and Insert Pattern Link here "

**SATA power cables: As a standard one connector will be made with a straight SATA connector and sleeved throughout.  Dual connectors will be made with 90° SATA connectors and sleeved up to the first connector unless stipulated or discussed**

Alternatively you can contact me and we can discuss all this via email or telephonically.





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