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R170.00 ZAR

Too cheap (2C) and too good (2G)! This is our little 2C2G ATX pin-remover, affordable for everyone. 100% made in Germany, it's offered at a lower price than almost anything on the market, while still being better than almost all others. Not possible? Possible!

The 2C2G pin removal tool is used for the extraction of female and male ATX, PCI-E and EPS crimp terminals (MOLEX Mini-Fit terminals).

Compared to similar looking chinese versions, the 2C2G provides key aspects, which make your pin removal job as easy as possible:

  • Thickness of the tips is at the maximum of ATX specifications = as easy as possible crimp terminal removal from the connector / housing.
  • Chamfered tips = easy insertion of the tool into the small space between connector and terminal.
  • Extremely flexible and bendable tips (see photos) = typical beginner faults have a much lower chance to lead to immediate breaking of the tips.
  • Ultra-high-grip MDPC-X heat-shrink comes with the tool if you want to have a non-slip grip.
  • A guide comes with the tool when you order here at MDPC-X.

The product gallery shows you the extreme bendable tips of the 2C2G pin-remover. It also shows you how to straighten tips with the use of a small precision plier, in case you've bent them. Enjoy this ultra value for money tool!

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