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De-Lid / Re-Lid Service - LGA 1151/1150

R600.00 ZAR

*Note* The processor is not included in the price, this is for the service only  

What is Delidding?

The word "lid“ refers to the IHS on a CPU and therefore, in simple terms, delidding means removing the lid as well as replacing the stock TIM (Thermal Interface Material) from the die with a aftermarket TIM, the most popular being liquid metal.

Why would you De-Lid?

Most obvious answer would be to achieve lower core temps during full CPU load and idle temps, as well as to try and achieve higher overclocked processor core frequencies due to lower core temps.


  • Is it safe? The De-Lid tool is very safe and we will take the utmost care in the procedure and tests involved. 
  • What TIM do we use? We use Coollaboratory Liquid Pro or Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut
  • Do you clean and prep the Processor before and after? Yes, If you have chosen the option without or with out IHS lapping we will clean the IHS regardless, we have found that cleaning the IHS and PCB gives better results
  • Do you glue the IHS back on the Processors PCB (Re-Lid)? Yes we use a clear adhesive compound we have found to give the best results ** Note** Due to shipping it's highly recommend to do so and we will not ship without relidding the IHS
  • Do you test the Processor? Yes, the Processors will be tested before sending the order out  
  • When will I get my delidded Processor once the order has been placed? Once we have received the processor it will take 3 Working days for the procedure and testing
  • What CPU's do we currently support? LGA 1151/1150 (Coffee Lake, Kaby Lake and Skylake) 
  • Does it carry a warranty? Due to removing the IHS from the PCB this will automatically void your warranty from the manufacturer. However we carry a warranty on our workmanship and if you experience problems that we can help with, we are happy to help 
  • What are the temperature improvements that I can expect? You can expect a 10 - 25°C decrease  

Packaging instruction

Note** The checkout shipping is for delivery only, if we must arrange a collection for you then a additional collection charge will be provided to you via email

Our physical address details can be found here - Contact us 

If you are shipping the processor to us or we have arrange a collection for you then please package the parcel in its original packaging, if you no longer have the original packaging then we recommend the use of bubble wrap  

We accept shipping directly from a retailer (If you have purchased the processor from a retailer and would like it shipped to us for the De-Lid / Re-Lid Service) please inform us if this is the case by sending us a email  

If we have arranged a collection for you then we will email you the shipping information and labels, please print this out and attach it to the parcel. 

If you have arranged your own shipping then please print out the confirmation order and insert this into the packaging


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