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Beyond Customs/MDPC-X

Custom Modular Cables - EVGA®

R85.00 ZAR


Full Length Hand Crafted "Modular" Custom Sleeved Cables 

  • When will I get my order? We have a lead-time of 2 weeks per custom sleeving order, the lead-time could be shorter depending on our current order load / Queue - This does not included the transit time of your order
  • How are the cables made? We physically hand craft each cable from all the materials we source, in doing this we can inspect each cable that has been made while its been made, There is love and passion been put into each cable that's been handcrafted
  • What sleeve do we use? We use MDPC-X Sleeve
  • What Wire do we use? 16 AWG (2.3mm OD) - Note! for SATA and Molex Power we use 18 AWG (2.0mm OD) 
  • Do you use branded terminals? Yes we use Molex branded terminals 
  • How many Cable Combs do I get per cable? We include two for free for each cable in your choice of color, There is a option to add extra combs at a extra charge if you feel it necessary  
  • What color options / combos can I choose from? Let your imagination go wild, We don't restrict your vision. Here are all the MDPC-X sleeve colors we carry -  MDPC-X Small Classic  and MDPC-X Small XTC
  • What is a dummy wire? All modern ATX power supply's have 24 slots on the 24 Pin, each carry a different voltage to a different location power supply side, Slot 20 does not have a wire, We can add one but it will not go into any location power supply side, its main purpose is for aesthetics reasons 
  • Double / Split Wires heatshrink or heatshrinkless? First what are they and what is there purpose? They are extra cables "sense" wires that read the voltages at the load (the end of the cable) and can increase voltage automatically if voltages drops. Some have more than others and is dependent on the model of the power supply and are found on most 24 Pin ATX and 8 Pin PCI-E cables - As a standard we splice all our split wires and use heashrink, there is a option for heashrinkless but will be a extra charge due to the amount of work that is involved, Below is a example of the differences
  • Classic or XTC Sleeve? You can read up on the differences MDPC-X Small Classic and MDPC-X Small XTC There is also a example of the aesthetic differences below 
  • SATA power cables: As a standard one connector will be made with a straight SATA connector and sleeved throughout. Dual connectors will be made with 90° SATA connectors
  • Pattern / Color combo: If you can we will prefer you to use the Sleeving Color Prototyper found here https://choosemypc.net/sleeving/ but if you have link of a different kind then you are welcome to add that or email us with a image

We know all the options can be confusing so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or special requirements. Conatct Us   





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