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Beyond Customs

Custom Detachable Straight Cable

R550.00 ZAR
  • This cable is made with your choice of MDPC-X sleeve color options, for images of all the MDPC-X colors please click here MDPC-X Colors 
  • Mini USB, Micro USB and USB C options available for the device/keyboard side.
  • USB A is the default connection for the host/PC side.  
  • Detachable length (device cable) is 15cm (6") and thereafter (host cable) is the length you have chosen. 
  • I can do a double sleeve with two different MDPC-X colors (base and top sleeve) with the straight detachable keyboard cables, This gives you the option for different thematic colorways and a cool dimensional affect, or if you choose then we can do both base and top sleeve in the same color. Please check out the USB Cable Terminology
  • Connector accents (only for aviator GX16 connecters) you have the option for heatshrink accents to be included on your GX16 connector, another option to customize your colorway or have it just as is Please check out the USB Cable Terminology
  • What length cable should I use? We have tested and found that if you are using high powered boards such as DROP ALT/CTRL or a board with a lot of RGB LEDs then we highly recommend using a power supplied USB HUB for full brightness. If RGB lights are no concern then a powered USB Hub is not necessary. High power draw up to 3m (10ft) total length and low power draw up to 4.2m (14ft) total length.
  • Can I use your cables with other cable makers cables? The short answer is NO, different cable makers use different wire and pinouts, please do not mix and match different cables from other makers.
  • What wire do we use? I use 28awg 4 core USB 2.0 wire. 
  • Whats the durability like on the cable? All the soldered connections are insulated with heatshrink, Cyanoacrylate glue and thread lock is used where applicable to help prevent torsion damage, the sleeve is permanently melted to the end of the USB 2.0 wire and all USB tabs are crimped onto the sleeve. 


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